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For more than 90 years, McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies LLC has been a leader in developing and manufacturing the highest quality ceramic tubes and components. Because of our core focus on ceramic technologies, McDanel is uniquely positioned to provide you with superior products and dedicated service for an unparalleled range of applications. With innovative design and engineering, size capability, capacity, and cost-effective solutions, McDanel products stand ready to meet the most stringent demands of your industry.

We offer high purity Alumina, Mullite, fully stabilized Zirconia, and Sialon products. These impervious fine grained ceramic products are used in many applications where it is necessary to provide a protective atmosphere, in corrosive environments, at high temperatures without contamination. Material selection depends upon operating working conditions such as peak temperature, chemical environment, and abruptness of temperature change.

Standard products include various tubes, rods, crucibles, and labware items that are available for purchase online. We also have a significant capability for producing custom engineered products. Give us a call at or fill out our Request for Quote form, so one of our experienced engineers can assist you in the material selection and design of your advanced ceramic component.


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