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McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies LLC has the ceramic solution you need - whether it is engineered to your specification or from our large stock of products. If it's a customized solution you require, our experienced staff of application engineers are available to assist with your specific ceramic requirements. From prototype to production, we will work with you to provide the optimum, cost-effective solution to your demanding application.

Over half of our business is dedicated to engineering components specific to customers needs. If your application requires a custom ceramic component, please give us a call at a location near you, or fill out our Request for Quote form, so one of our experienced engineers can assist you in the material selection and design of your advanced ceramic component.

McDanel products are used in a broad range of applications, where we have excelled with our customers in product design and customer satisfaction. The following is an overview of applications and markets where McDanel products can be found.


Product Description Materials
Protection Tubes
Outer T/C protection sheaths
(Closed One End)
Alumina 99.8, Mullite, Sialon, Zirconia
Insulators for Thermocouples, Thermistors, and RTD's Single or Multi-bore tubing used to insulate wires Alumina 99 & 99.8, Mullite
Sight Tubes Optically Pyrometer sight parts or Thermocouple parts with or without collars Alumina 99.8, Mullite
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Product Description Materials
Process Tubes Tubes (Open Both Ends and Closed One End) which provide atmosphere control in the furnace chamber Alumina 99.8, Mullite
Furnace Liners Tubes (Open Both Ends) used as outer liner for Quartz tubes in diffusion furnaces providing support, purity, and temperature stability Alumina 99.8, Mullite
Burner Tubes Plain or grooved ends for assembly with metal flanges or integral collars Sialon
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Product Description Materials
Oxygen and Carbon sensors For the analysis of combustion gases and controlling processes Zirconia
Sample Gas Injectors Single and Multi-bore tubing used to direct or withdraw sample gases Alumina 99 & 99.8, Mullite
Instrument Protection Sheaths Tubes (Open Both Ends) to shield and protect sensitive instruments from harsh environments Alumina 99.8, Mullite
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Product Description Materials
TCS, Degassing & Injection Tubes, Low Pressure Stalk Tubes, and Burner Tubes Components for primary aluminum manufacturing, aluminum foundries, and other non-ferrous metal applications Sialon
Fixtures, Pins, and Shrouds Welding & Brazing operations and Investment Casting Alumina 99.8, Mullite, Sialon
Argon Purging Tubes Multibore tubes used in primary steel making Alumina 99.8
WearGuard® Ceramic Bearing Systems Bearing used in continuous steel strip galvanizing Silicon Nitride
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Product Description Materials
Ozone Generator Tubes Tubes (Open Both Ends) used as a dielectric to generate ozone Alumina 99.8
Crystal Growth Components Solid rods for holding crystal seeds and furnace liners in crystal growth furnaces Alumina 99.8
Laser Tubes Plasma Tubes (Open Both Ends) to contain plasma for laser generation or amplification (typically Ion, Metal, Vapor, and CO2 Lasers) Alumina 99.8
  Wave Guides – Tubes (Open Both Ends) used to direct or guide laser beams (Typically infrared for medical applications) Alumina 99.8
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