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McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies offers stainless steel nozzles and filling needles for the pharmacuetical industry. We are also offering filling needles in Ketron PEEK®.

The filling needles are manufactured from a single block of 316L or Ketron PEEK®. Nozzles are manufactured from a single block of 316L. Both nozzles and filling needles are custom made with polished services and complete decontamination and passivation. Products go through ultrasonic washing and final cleaning in conformity with NSF and FDA. Repair services are available.

Types of needles include:

  • Flat tip
  • Scoop tip
  • Double flaute mouthpiece tip
  • Anit-drip tip
  • Multi-hole tip



Contact McDanel for orders made in North America. For international orders, contact NeoCeram.com

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For international orders, contact NeoCeram.com


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