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Sialon ST low pressure(LPS) tubes provide performance-cost advantages to aluminum die casters. They are impervious, non-wetting and resistant to corrosion, erosion and thermal shock. They don't require pretreatment or coatings, they won't contaminate the melt and downtime can be reduced. McDanel Sialon ST is the solution for long-life, cost-effective, low-pressure die casting.

Grades Typical Uses

Sialon ST

Sialon ST is uniquely qualified for use in molten non-ferrous metal applications (e.g. zinc, aluminum, copper, and gold), corrosive chemicals, and abrasive fluids at temperatures exceeding 1000ºC. It is gas tight, chemically inert, highly wear resistant, and exceptionally corrosion resistant.
Data Sheet and SDS

Sialon Data Sheet
Sialon SDS

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