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A century of groundbreaking technologies

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Since 1919, McDanel has been focused on ceramic technologies. This unique expertise enables us to provide advanced material solutions for an unparalleled range of applications.

Combining innovative design, multidisciplinary engineering, capacity, and cost-effective custom solutions, McDanel products stand ready to meet the most stringent demands of mission critical industries.

Our high purity Alumina, Mullite, fully stabilized Zirconia, and Sialon products are used in many applications where it is necessary to provide a protective atmosphere, in corrosive environments, at high temperatures without contamination. Material selection depends upon operating working conditions such as peak temperature, chemical environment, and abruptness of temperature change.

Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration

We promote an interactive process with customers that leads to innovation at every touchpoint along the product development cycle.

McDanel Employees
McDanel engineering precision

An Ongoing Culture of Excellence

We’re proud of our legacy in the Steel City of Pittsburgh where we are committed to leading the rebirth of American Industrial Tech. We can do this because we combine an old-school work ethic with a vision for a healthier, safer, more mobile and connected world.

Our Values


We trust, respect, and empower our team members while nurturing their growth.


Our team members and stakeholders build trust by taking responsibility for their actions. We identify, own, and fix our mistakes.


We are passionate and proud of our commitment to the safety, quality and professionalism of our work.


We strive to exceed expectations for our customers, people, and community. Our customers are the only source of defining quality.

Service Oriented

We utilize our 100+ years of experience to focus on the success of our customers, as they succeed, so will we.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ACTIVELY LISTEN, CONSULT, ENGINEER, and SOLVE our partner’s most critical applications, while BETTERING THE LIVELIHOOD of our team members, stakeholders, and community.

QUality Standards


The McDanel Difference


We solve problems for our clients by listening carefully to their requirements, responding to their needs, and leveraging the power of iteration.

Client Focused


Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts take pride in working at McDanel, where ingenuity, history and the future come together every day.

Advancing a
culture of excellence


Our old school work ethic dates back to the days when smoke stacks blacked the Pittsburgh skyline: We work hard for what we believe in. 

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