Corona Tubes

Our Corona Tube product line is integral to the surface treatment of plastics, paper, and film, enhancing adhesion for coatings, adhesives, or inks and in ozone generation applications. McDanel Corona Tubes are designed to accommodate lengths of up to 4 meters and offer versatility in cross sectional shape such as squares, rectangles, rounds, and other customized configurations to suit your specific application requirements.

Key Features
  1. Global Expertise: With a reputation as a premier global supplier, McDanel is committed to delivering high-quality Corona Treatment Tubes worldwide.
  2. Application Versatility: Our tubes are engineered to enhance adhesion for coatings, adhesives, and inks, catering to diverse industry needs.
  3. Custom Manufacturing: McDanel excels in custom manufacturing, providing the flexibility to create tubes and shapes tailored to your unique application demands.

Whether you require standard sizes or specialized solutions, McDanel stands ready to meet your Corona Treatment Tube needs.



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