Enabling positive
human outcomes

For the ultimate in heat, wear, and chemical resistance

High-performance ceramics provide the strength, durability, and heat resistance required in cutting edge medical research and laboratory environments.


The MCDanel Difference


McDanel ceramics are employed in laser surgery tools, particularly in components that must withstand high-energy laser beams because they maintain structural integrity and optical properties under harsh conditions.

Superior heat resistence &


Ceramics are employed in the manufacturing of ultrasonic transducers and piezoelectric sensors for medical imaging equipment, enabling high-quality imaging and diagnostics in healthcare settings.

Maximum insulation Capabilities


Critical laboratory equipment utilizes instrumentation containing ceramic insulators as well as crucibles, furnace tubes, and sample holders. Demand for McDanel ceramics hinges on their outstanding resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and wear.

Chemical & wear resistance

McDanel is different than other industry suppliers in that their customer service is responsive and creates positive solutions. We can count on McDanel to perform professionally and support our needs.

McDanel Customer

We value working with McDanel because we both hold high values of collaboration and moral duty to facilitate a win-win relationship. McDanel understands their products are critical components to ours. Authentic interest in our company's well-being is conveyed which is largely not found in today's supply chain.

McDanel Customer

McDanel has helped our company solve the challenge of partnering with a ceramics industry supplier that can provide reliable and repeatable products. McDanel has worked in collaboration with our team over the years to hold tight tolerances and back their products if issues arise.

McDanel Customer

The quality at McDanel is better than other companies and customer satisfaction is very high. Additionally, we can rely on McDanel to respond promptly to our detailed needs. Also, productivity has increased due to improved yield in assembly by using McDanel ceramic tubes.

McDanel Customer

We order our ceramic components only from McDanel. Even if we could save money with another supplier, we wouldn't switch. We are not cost sensitive, we are quality sensitive.

Allen T. McDanel Customer

I love the variety of what we do. We start with something raw and make it remarkable. I love this because the ideation goes from beginning to end.

Tony Finoli—PhD Director of R&D and Technology

What got me interested in ceramics is the fact that ceramics enable technologies that can’t be done in any other way.

John Dodsworth—PhD Chief Technology Advisor