Tubes & Rods

Temperature Sensing

McDanel Advanced ceramic Technologies offers solutions for most temperature sensing needs including Thermocouple Protection Tubes and Insulators for Thermocouples, Thermistors and RTD’s as well as Sight Tubes. These tubes are normally used in but not limited to the semiconductor, aerospace, steel, glass, aluminum and investment casting industries. We have a large stock of available standard tubes, or can engineer products for your specific applications and uses.



Thermocouple Protection Tubes


Outer T/C protection sheaths
(Closed One End)


Alumina 99.8, Mullite, Sialon, Zirconia

Insulators for Thermocouples, Thermistors, and RTD’s

Single or Multi-bore tubing used to insulate wires

Alumina 99 & 99.8, Mullite

Sight Tubes

Optical Pyrometer sight ports or Thermocouple parts with or without collars

Alumina 99.8, Mullite

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